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Claudette & Jonathan


Photo by Parfait Productions

Photo by Parfait Productions


Operation Pink Skirt: Success


The moment Jonathan approached us- we were SO excited! Not only have we always wanted to film a proposal but we knew Claudette would have wanted this moment filmed.

The planning was on! From the location, design of the scene, the AMAZING ring Jonathan custom made , flowers, stationary, furniture rentals, champagne, outfits, to how Jonathan would try to fool Claudette into meeting him at the park- everything was carefully planned! Jonathan had carefully studied all of Claudette's Pinterest boards to ensure everything was going to be just right. After all she's a wedding planner and would have wanted everything to be perfect!

We have to thank Dawn and the amazing team at the Social Page for helping us pull this off and film in the space. Carmela was on stand by, ensuring Claudette was kept busy while we arrived and set things up there.

The moment Claudette received the note from Jonathan directing her to put on her pretty skirt (From Adorn Boutique in Inglewood) on and meet him at the park- it was priceless! We were shaking with anticipation and excitement! ( you might be able to tell!) We were so excited for Claudette!!!!

From the set up, to the moment Claudette was surprised with the note from Jonathan, to the moment he proposed. It was an honour to captured this oh so romantic and raw moment. We couldn't be more excited for these love birds!!!! They are amazing and deserve a world of happiness together!!! Yay we pulled it off guys!! Now...grab your tissues...your best friend...your lover..cause The Proposal Film is here...


Team Parfait


The Proposal Film

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We had the pleasure of sharing this moment with Christy from Christy D. Swanberg Photography. Every proposal needs a video and photos!! Check out some of our favourite photos from the proposal! Her blog has the full collection  here.


Photo by Christy D.  Swanberg's Photography

Photo by Christy D.  Swanberg's Photography

Photo by Christy D.  Swanberg's Photography

Photo by Christy D.  Swanberg's Photography