Wedding Scheduling!

We take great pride in our organization and the time we spend with our couples perfecting their schedules. Day of Schedules need minor adjustments when wedding videographers are involved! We need to allow time for our team to set up and do sound checks. Additionally, we love getting footage of your ceremony and reception space before anyone has arrived. But when we're there capturing those moments we don't want to miss out on other footage. We want to ensure we leave the bride and groom prep with all the footage we need to tell the story of your day.

We're excited to launch our new private Wedding Planning Questionnaire website, exclusive to Parfait Production brides & grooms. We give you helpful tips for how to achieve an awesome wedding video/, while staying true to who you are. Then we have two handy forms for our couples, the info we collect from then are key. information about the day and the vendors servicing the wedding. The next is Scheduling 101, where we go step by step, through each part of the day and let you know what to include on the schedule. We want your day to be relaxing, so allowing extra time is key!

Yay for wedding planning and keeping organized!


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