Wedding's For the Modern & Chic Bride

We often get asked where there are unique places to find wedding accessories, attire and gifts. While Etsy is great, sometime you might be looking for something a little more luxurious or on trend. We want to share our favorite items now trending on

1. These letterpressed vow books. Not only is letterpress on trend but having your vows kept in these ultra chic books after your wedding are the perfect keepsake. We love these because not only will they look great on film, but they will sound great. Sound great you might ask? Well there's nothing more heart breaking than having our audio ruined by a bride or groom nervously scrunching up the paper in their hands at the alter!

vow  books.jpeg

2. This robe is so pretty and feminine. Who wouldn't want their make up done while chilling in this robe. There's nothing more heart breaking than a bride in a strained high school tee. While you're ordering this for yourself, consider these are bridesmaids gift!

robe wedding.jpeg

3. It's your wedding day, why not have some fun with it. This adorable heart shaped clutch is the perfect crossroads between classy, sweet and fun. It's a neutral, so you could easily use this again! Every bride deserves a safe place for her lipgloss and compact 


4. This ultra feminine rehearsal dress doubles as a sweet honeymoon dress! Sometimes lace can feel old and dated, but this dress is none of that. It's the perfect dress for your wedding rehearsal and dinner. Why not wear white as much as you can around your wedding?

rehersal dress.jpeg

We hope you enjoyed our top picks from ! If you have a moment, check out their shoe selection..oh the shoes! Did you know they are Anthropologies sister company dedicated to all things wedding related?  For more up to date trends, take a look at their sweet vision board of thoughts here! 





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