Can I request a song?

Your DJ would be happy to take requests! For our films, we believe that music is there to support the the story, not drive it. This is why we do not take requests, or predetermine a song before the wedding day. All music is licensed for the use in your wedding film. That being said, the music available for wedding film may not be common music or top 40 due to licensing.

Will you be in all my photographer’s shots and have a big lens in my face all day?

No way Jose! Apart from not wanting to turn your wedding day into a hollywood production, our style depends on us being invisible. We want your wedding to be about getting married and not about it being filmed.  Any directing is done by the photographer and not our team. We do not require any alone time with our couples. We are able to work discreetly and efficient around any photographer. The only thing we do are provide suggestions, such as getting ready in natural light. Natural light is the most appealing light for hair/make up footage. 

We have been trained with ninja like stealth before receiving our Parfait status. Investing in a collection of gear that allows us to be as far back as possible has been our priority since the start. Your photographer should always be able to capture a wide angle of the ceremony space while the ceremony is taking place and we are filming. We always touch base with your photographer, to ensure we are on the same page. We want to ensure you are receiving the very best photos possible and that we are exceeding your expectations for your wedding film.

Do you use lighting?

Absolutely, when necessary. We have a collection of lights available for different scenarios. For example, when lighting isn't part of your reception decor, we typically put a spotted light on the podium, and as well as the dance floor for the first dance. ( As seen in our films) This ensures we can see the speaker at the podium clearly.  Our techniques when setting up lighting does not take away from the ambiance and decor. The lights are on secure light stands, to achieve the best outcome, and typically set up on the perimeter of the room. When lighting is needed, it is set up before the start of the reception. Lighting may also be used during the ceremony, but only when necessary. The client would be made aware of this before the wedding. Lighting would never be added to a church ceremony. 

How do you capture the audio?

This is what makes us so special! Audio is so incredibly important to us! Typically your officiant/priest wears a lav microphone from us, this is run directly to our camera for monitoring. The groom(s) also wears a lav microphone of ours, this is also monitored live at the wedding. At times the groom may wear 2 lav's, this would be at Parfait's discretion. The brides audio is captured between the officiant and groom's lav microphone. As the audio is always monitored live at the wedding, we are able to adjust to the brides voice, as at times the bride may not be as loud as the groom. When a DJ or AV company is present, we always take a direct feed from them via a professional XLR splitter. The DJ/AV company are always contacted in advance, to ensure they are aware of this. The DJ/AV company would be the one responsible for transmitting the audio from the ceremony/reception speakers. Our microphones only feed to our internal system and not to the speakers.

When permitted, the officiant/priest will hold a hand held microphone up to the couple when the personal vows are performed. This hand held is provided by Parfait. For the reception the podium is mic'd up  and we also take a direct feed via XLR from the DJ/AV company or the in house system. 

For any letter or note readings, the person speaking is mic'd up with a lav microphone. 

Are you available overseas ?

Yes! We love travelling to tell our clients stories! We travel regularly and love meeting couples from all over the world!  It’s always special filming in a new country.

Do you hand over Raw footage?

No, Parfait Productions does not offer raw footage. We are a full service wedding film production company that takes pride in creating your beautiful custom wedding film. 

Who creates the films?

Ix and Justin, no secrets here! We're super hands on and believe in filming and editing all our films, by hand, one by one. These are our babies and they deserves the best treatment. We hope that's okay with you!

When will my film(s) be ready?, my photos will be ready 2 weeks.

We believe great art takes time to curate. Wedding Films are not to be compared to Wedding Photography in terms of post production hours and process. We're a different beast. We love Wedding Photographers and admire their wizard skills.

For us there are many post production steps, from backing up your precious footage, storyboarding, song selection, clip selection, colour grading, EQing the audio and more. The journey your footage will go through during our post production process is a precise custom treatment. We also always edit in order in which each wedding was shot. Good things come to those who wait and we promise to not disappoint. Our *online films (Highlight Reels & Cinematic Trailers) are complete within 2-4 months from your wedding day, the other films follow (doc edits, features etc) and are delivered approximately up to 6 months after the wedding. * Online Films are defined as films that are released to the client for public viewing and online sharing, these are Highlight Films/Cinematic Trailers. These are the films on our blog and website. Your entire collection will however be available in your private online gallery. This private online gallery is where you can privately share your collection with family. You may also archive your films from this gallery page and download your films for storing on your computer. Once downloaded the films may be added to a USB, by the client.

Do you use audio in your Highlight Reels?

Yes, yes and yes! Your beautiful vows and hand written speeches mean the world to us and we know they are super special to you too! We want to include a glimpse into these precious words said at your wedding in your film. Your vows and wedding speeches are one of the main elements that sets wedding cinematography apart from Wedding Photography. Audio is very important to us and how we tell your story. We know not all wedding film makers share the same values as us.

Do I need two shooters/cinematographers?

You deserve the best on your wedding day. Ixchel and Justin always work as a team to capture the entire day. Ix with the ladies in the morning and Justin with the groom and his groomsmen. For us it's about capturing not only the bride and groom, but their families, friends and the personal touches that are infused into the day. We believe this can only be achieved with a strong team. We can be honest with each other and we desire to push ourselves with every wedding we film. Going above and beyond is the only way for us. We just didn't find it that way with weekend employees or working with friends. To receive a well rounded wedding film, we believe two dedicated, skilled and passionate shooters/cinematographers is the way to go. Like what you see? All Parfait Productions films are filmed by Ixchel and Justin. 

Each couple's experience is unique, some information may vary depending on the client's wedding film collection and agreement.