How to create your wedding schedule! [ Elopement Edition ]


We can’t wait to join you! To ensure a smooth wedding day, we highly recommend a detailed and well planned out schedule. This will help our team achieve the best footage for your elopement video! Please provide the following information on your day-of schedule.  Every elopement is unique! The information below is just an outline to assist you with your schedule and plans for the day!

We suggest you give a copy of the final schedule to your,photographer(s), us, and any family who may be part of any key moments.

Thank you!

If you require examples of well executed schedules, please don't hesitate to ask our team!


What to include on your schedule:

[Wedding Prep]

[Please allow extra time in the morning]

Please be sure to include what you are planning for the morning of on your wedding. Here are some ideas of events that may occur before the ceremony, nothing is mandatory, its your wedding, do what you want~

  • Time, location & people present 
  • Make Up 
  • Hair
  • Bride, reads letter and/or opens gift from groom,
  • Groom, reads latter and/or opens gift from bride
  • Bride put gown on
  • ( Please allow 30 minutes to put on the brides dress, shoes & accessories)
  • Please allow time once the bride is dressed for candid shots and footage with friends/family.
  • Groom getting ready

[ Please allow our team one hour to shoot with the groom. If you are getting ready separately]

- Our team typically shots seperatly pre ceremony.

Planning a first look? Please include this on the schedule


[ Please allow our team 30 minutes to set up for the ceremony. Drive time from the morning prep location to ceremony location + 30 minutes]

  • List ceremony location, start time and approximate duration
  • Bride arriving to ceremony
  • Groom arriving to ceremony
  • All other scheduled events/ceremony related details
  • Will additional photos take place at this location afterwards?

Photo Shoot Period/ Post Ceremony Activities

[ Please provide photo shoot locations/ or approximate location. We often need to load and reload the car between locations]

  •  Start & End Time for photo period or any activities , location & people present, if possible. 
  • If your photographer(s) are arranging the locations, that's perfect! We can find out those details from them.
  • All other scheduled events & activities.


  • If your collection hour permit, we would love to capture any post ceremony/photo session plans you might have. Dinner? Drinks? Cake Cutting? first Dance?
  • For elopements/intimate weddings with guests, let us know if any of your guests might be planning a speech/toast at the start of dinner.