Parfait Productions: Wedding QuestionnaireS


Please complete the following two QUESTIONNAIRES: 

1: Vendor LIST


Tips For Achieving The Best Wedding Film:


If you would like detail shots of your shoes. dress, jewelry or other details,  please have them gathered in one central spot. When we arrive the morning of your wedding, we can be directed to where everything is located. You don't need to worry about setting anything up. We will do that for you! We recommend having your dress steamed before our arrival as well.

- We highly recommend you get your make up done in a room with natural light, near a window if possible.  This means light off- if possible. Mixed light isn't ideal for video. This way we can capture you in your true beauty! Being seated in a high chair or bar stool is ideal during the make up application as well.

- Grooms! The morning of your wedding consider doing a favourite activity or hobby with your groomsmen. Maybe golf, basketball or gaming is your style? 

- If you decided to exchange a note/letter on camera with each other, please keep in mind, we will have the room cleared/music off for this, to avoid any outside sounds in your audio. We also recommend filming the letter/note exchange before getting into the gown. Grooms may be fully dressed for this.

-Allow ample time for everything. You'll feel more relaxed!

- Please eat and drink water the morning of your wedding! Stay hydrated!

-Consider doing a first look! ( Not sure what that is, feel free to ask us!) 

-Please allow our team 45 minutes to set up for your ceremony plus the time to arrive there from your prep location(s). This means all events in the bride/grooms room the morning of the wedding that you would like filmed, would need to be wrapped prior to our team leaving to set up for the ceremony. If you are doing a first look, you don't need to worry about this set up time. We'll leave prep with enough time to set up for the first look with your photographer, then depart from your photo session in time to set up for the ceremony. 


- When placing your bridal party at the front of the ceremony space, we don't recommend they be curved towards the guests. A straight line is best, as this ensures clear sight lines of the bride and groom for photos/video during the ceremony. 

- Write your own vows, or even just a line or two. They don't need to be long!  If you forgo personal vows, we highly recommend exchanging notes/letters the morning of the wedding. Any audio to connect the couple is very valuable to your film.

-Have your personal vows written out in a card, on card stock , on cue cards or vow books. Anything but regular loose leaf paper! You might get a little nervous and start crinkling the paper...then the mic's will pick up the crinkles! ( We don't want that, and neither do you!)

Portraits/photo session:

- During the photo session, bring snacks and drinks/water for you and your wedding party.

- Be sure to have your transportation arranged and locations organized in advance with your photographer.

- For mountain locations, we recommend bringing comfortable shoes/boots to change into. More often than not, the best locations require some hiking off a path.


- A good rule of thumb for speeches is limiting each speaker to 3 minutes. In the event they go over time with the speech, 3-5 minutes should keep your guests attention. Anything over 5 minutes, usually results in guests being disinterested and not being present in the moment.

- Please try to avoid scheduling speeches/toasts between courses at the reception. The meal you've selected for your guests is important to you and we want your guests to enjoy the meal, rather than try to multi task. When the couple is eating/chewing, we will not film the couple.  The guests doing speeches are often nervous, we recommend giving them the time and space to give their speech, rather than competing for attention with the steak dinner in front of them. If your venue won't permit speeches before or after dinner,  we recommend the following: serve, eat, clear, speech. Please allow the staff to clear your dishes before starting the next speech, to avoid dirty dishes or servers in your footage.

- Please notify your reception MC that speaking into the microphone is highly recommended to record the best possible audio.

- Please notify everyone is who going to be up at the podium/mic stand performing a speech/speaking that it is critical that they adjust the microphone for their height. Depending on your floor plan, someone from our team may adjust the mic stand for each speaker. We also recommend that they speak directly into the microphone at all times and remain at the podium area/mic stand, to ensure the best quality audio can be recorded. ( in the event that there is no podium, we will provide a microphone stand to be used for speeches, not a microphone)

- Remember, we kindly request dinner at your reception as per our agreement. In terms of seating, the best is a vendor table away from the action, but in the same room. This avoids us missing anything in the event there isn't anyone cueing each speaker.  The nose bleed section is also great, such as the perimeter of the room, the back of the room or near an entrance/exit. This way we aren't a distraction to your guests.

- Consider leaving your reception with your photographer/ Parfait Productions during sunset. This is one hour before sun set. We are happy to provide the timing for this for you to include on your schedule. We can never predict if the sun set will be prominent, but if it is, this can make for beautiful footage. It's also nice to have a few moments away from the reception, to take a breather. We are happy to provide an estimate for when this best light may occur on the wedding day, just ask us!

- Please be mindful and scheduled in anything you would like captured within your package restrictions. Scheduling an important event after 11:30pm should be discussed with our team in advance. 

- Remember to have fun & be yourself!