Why Wedding Films

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Bride-to-be!? I'm here to help you! You're probably wondering what I'm here for? Well I'm here to compile a few of the most heart breaking top wedding day regrets and things you should cut from your budget before its too late. Its's all about getting a wedding film, you deserve one. Then I'll show you how to get a wedding film for your day, step by step. Time and time again, I have photographers, married ladies, friends and strangers tell me they regret not having a wedding video. I don't want this to be you. They have no idea how their wedding gown moved, what was said in the heart felt memorized speech their maid of honor spent hours on and so much more. Who wants to start married life with regrets?

I'll spare you the time of reading article after article of brides expressing their single biggest wedding day mistake: not getting a wedding film. Here's what some said:

I regret not hiring a professional videographer. There were so many funny, sentimental, thoughtful, surprising, best-day-of-our-life moments that I wish were captured on video.


Wedding Do-over: I would have a videographer.
Ladies (and gentlemen maybe?), I am here to tell you that, regrettably, I do not have video footage from my wedding. 
You are crying for me right now. I know it. This is the saddest thing you've heard all day.
Trying to do as much as possible on the cheap, I thought that moving images from that day would be something I could do without. What a fool I was. I would give anything for any kind of video documentation of our wedding


Many of you say you can't afford it. How do you know? Have you requested a quote? Did you only see wedding videographers at your third cousins six million dollar private castle wedding?

Parfait Productions is owned by real people, actually a real bride-to-be, a real couple! Let's learn more about them here. We have wallets, a fridge to fill and saving accounts. We want an amazing wedding too. We want to remember the day, we know it will be a hectic crazy busy blurry moment. Thats not all to due to the wine refills folks. Thats why we bring Calgary brides a wedding production company that is experienced, using cinema quality equipment, caring and here for you, at a reasonable price, we are Parfait Productions.

Parfait wants the everyday girl to the daddy's girl to have a wedding film. The DIYer's deserve a wedding film to show off their impressive crafting skills and amazing attention to detail. ( I know thats you!!) The couple who wants an open bar for all their guests to enjoy at a five star hotel, deserves a wedding film. The couple's with heartfelt personalized hand written vows, deserve a wedding film.  You all do!

We say wedding film for several reason. We are a team of artists, film makers if you will. We don't just shoot your wedding day and plop it on DVD. Its about carefully weaving the shots together to create a cinematic experience, your wedding film. This film features the stunning bride, her dream man and their families and guests. Its about creating a film thats showcases your love, personalities, guests and more. 

Let's avoid the post wedding day melt down & regrets with the following steps. We're making your dreams happen!


Step 1. Set your wedding budget. Don't miss a detail. Search online for a comprehensive check list. 

Can you cut anything things from your budget? I'm serious. Let's go into the interweb and read about the things ex brides would have cut from the budget. 



There are many things  that can be cut, lets cut away. You are going to make this work so you can have a wedding film.

Step 2. Budget between $3000.00-$8000.00 for your Parfait Wedding Film.This depends if we need to leave the city that is!  You will either receive the full meal deal  (hight light reel, three shooters, extended edit, ceremony and reception edit) or a lovely edited ceremony and reception depending on what you can swing.

 Step 3. Contact Parfait Productions here We can't wait to meet you!

We will sit and talk wedding details and figure out what package will be best for your needs, wants, budget and magnitude of wedding. Regardless of what package you choose, it will be exquisit. Promise.

 Step 4. You're getting a wedding film girl. We've got your back. Your big day deserves one. Let alone your children down the way and cousins who lives in Fiji who can't make it. 

Step 5. A few months after your wedding day, watch your film and thank us. You won't regret not having personalized pens or engraved champagne flutes.

All the best brides-to-be,