A Parfait Experience

It's been a long time since we've blogged anything that wasn't a wedding. Today we wanted to take a moment to share with you what the Parfait Productions experience is all about and what our team stands for. What to expect on the wedding day and how we roll! We understand the wedding cinematography world can be a funny place, with the uncle bob stereotypes all the way to the hoodie wearing filmies.

A little about us:

[ A photo from our wedding] photo credit: www.ChristinaplusNathan.com

[ A photo from our wedding] photo credit: www.ChristinaplusNathan.com

- Unobstructive: aka ninja style.

As a married couple, we take wedding pretty seriously. We don't want to take away from your day and over haul the wedding. For us it's about capturing authentic moments, without taking away from the wedding. We work around your photographer to capture your day, rather than compete with this other critical vendor involve in capturing your wedding. For us, great wedding photography is amazing and we understand you have made a big investment in this area as well. We're going the distance for you all day. Like Lanny & Erika from TwoMann would say "All in balls out". If that means filming with smaller cameras, filming in water, climbing mountains or filming with a monopods to accommodate to the space, count us in! 

- Authentic

In a Parfait Productions films, we capturing authentic raw moments. We brought this point above, but we would like to elaborate a little more. Justin and myself would never have you do a once in a lifetime moment, such as a first look more than once. You might think we're crazy to say this. But believe us and trust us, many many films out there are filled with moments the videographers have manufactured and contrived. Don't you think that's a little crazy? I would say... ahem fake? For us its about getting the shot, when it happen naturally, in the moment. Basically we're like ninjas, but we don't show up to your wedding in spandex.


We often tell our clients, we're always a step ahead of then. We can anticipate your next move. We know where to be, at the right times. We know when its time to depart from one location and start sound check without skipping a beat. After filming more weddings in 2014, than any other wedding cinematography team in Alberta. Let's just say, we got this. We know where the action is, and more importantly, we're present in the moment, just as you are on your wedding day. We're taking it all in, but from behind the lens.


As mentioned above, we're prepared and well equipment to deal with a multitude of scenarios, such as low light and small spaces. We've invested in the best, for you. You deserve the best equipment available for live event shooters and the newest technologies.


Our community of wedding professional is like family to us. Wether its your planner, DJ, venue or musicians. Introductions on the day of are great, but wouldn't it be great if we knew them before hand? We always make an effort to introduce ourselves to all vendors we will be working with, prior to the wedding day. Either we've worked together or coffee date is in order to get to know each other. It's important to us. Knowing the vendors we will be working closely before the wedding day is priceless. This only comes with experience  ladies and gents. Building relationships with wedding vendors we work with or would like to work with, is important. Knowing their processes and personalities is crucial to working as a well oiled machine all day. All your vendors should be working as a unit on your wedding day! Yay! Go team!

-Man + Woman

Having a male and female perspective on things is priceless, and is our case, this means shots from your wedding from different perspectives and even heights. You just can't get that from a bunch of dude cinematographers. Ladies, I get it, I've gone through this. During the shooting and editing process, it about the shots were the bride is beaning and in the moment! We want to display your true personality and confidence!! I film with the ladies and Justin films with the guys in the morning, naturally. This just makes the whole process more comfortable! Also, when I see a pair of shoes, well I just know you've taken the time to select these beauties and I'll be sure to capture them too ;)


Enough said. We love what we do and working together to create wedding films.

Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to sharing some awesome winter weddings with you all in the coming weeks!