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The Highlight Reel

The Barefoot's Canmore Wedding


Love Birds: Angie & Kurtis

Wedding Location: Canmore, Alberta, Canada


The Wedding Day

From the moment that Angie had approached us, well over a year before her wedding. We knew it was a fit. She was avid about having us capture the day for her and Kurtis. The last year for Parfait's videographer's and editor's has been full of weddings-fun-thrill-love and more. Angie was there as a bride-to-be watching us blossom.

Finally her wedding was approaching! Parfait's Team was over the moon while driving out to Canmore the night before the wedding day. Justin and I attended the rehearsal at the Canmore Ranch, and met many of the family who would be attending the next day. It was a great time to meet everyone before the big wedding! We attend rehearsals when time permits, this way we have a great idea as to where the couple will be facing and any additional features of the ceremony.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to head over to the stunning Stoneridge Resort. The ladies were just about to start hair and make up. We always arrive right in time for all that fun to start! The sun was shinning and the ladies were enjoying themselves.  Angie’s dress was absolutely breathtaking. We really love unique touches; she was lucky enough to have a custom hanger!  Her sparkly flats were a great idea, because there would be a lot of walking, especially during the photo shoot later. The bridesmaids and Jr. bridesmaid even took a moment to sneak away and decorate the suite Angie and Kurtis would stay in that night! How fun! Justin captured that moment, as seen in the video.

Do you guys really want to hear about Kurtis and his groomsmen relaxing and getting their suits on? You’ll see the highlights in the video! As a woman, I’m just jealous guys can get out of the house on a regular day with such ease. Let alone a wedding when they have everything planned out in advance down to the socks!  Let’s fast forward to the ceremony!

We arrived to the Canmore Nordic Centre before any guests. The ceremony would take place adjacent to the main building; in the green space. All the chairs, decor and audio were set up. Props the Split Circuit Sound for playing music and distracting us from the chance of rain!

The big man must have been watching and made sure the rain stayed away and we could capture the day and keep the couple dry! A little wind never hurt, well….even a wind guard on a mic can only hold up so many big blows.  The ceremony was short and sweet, complete with a lovely kiss and there they were, The Barefoot’s for the very first time!

Nomi Whalen, the acclaimed officiate from Canmore, read a lovely and fitting blessing to the couple. We just had to include it here.


Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be
the shelter for the other. Now you will feel no
cold, for each of you will be the warmth for the
other. Now you are two persons, but there is only
one life before. Go now to your dwelling place to
enter into the days of your life together. And may
your days be good and long upon the earth.
— Apache Wedding Blessing

From there we spent about 2 hours with the couple, bridal party and Crista Lee (Crista Lee Photography) and Shirleen From Platinum. We checked out all the hot spots in Canmore and captured beautiful shots of Kurtis and Angie, madly in love. You’ll see some in the Highlight Reel!

From here on out, we will let the Highlight Reel speak for itself. Lots of dancing, heart felt speeches, dancing, more dancing, cake, amazing food and guests hanging out on the balcony at the Nordic Centre in Canmore. This wedding was one for the books, complete the cutest little guests and family- the support these guys have will make anyone jealous! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having Justin and I there, as your videographers and spies on the wall capturing it all. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and we hope the video is everything you dreamt of and more!! Enjoy!

 The Highlight Reel  




Music: Holley Maher - I Do

Licensed from: themusicbed.com 

Wedding Videography & Editing: Parfait Productions

Justin Aradi

Ixchel Fernandez 

Thank you's:

Venue: Canmore Nordic Centre & CDM Group

Hotel Accommodation:  Stoneridge Resort

Photography:  Crista Lee Photography & Shirleen as PlatinumWeddings

Dj Service:  Spit Circuit Sound

Officiate: Nomi Whalen