Nicole + Chris! A Friday The 13th Wedding!

Thanks for checking out the blog! It's been a busy few weeks wrapping up our 2013 edits and getting ahead on everything 2014! Here's a long awaited blog post and video! Also the premier of our new custom animation! You'll see it at the end of the Highlight Reel. Enjoy!! 

Nicole + Chris |  A Friday The 13th Wedding


Introducing Nicole & Chris!  This non-traditional wedding is one for the books. Who doesn’t love a BBQ, loving friends, a sunny afternoon and black cats! These guys are near and dear to our hearts. They are always giving to others but their wedding day was all about them and their vision. They do know how to plan a pretty sweet wedding! 

We couldn’t have been happier for Nic + Chris to finally tie the knot. Many couple’s who have been together a long time don’t see the point in getting married ( crazy hey?!) , they think nothing will change. Nicole recently told me that things are different and she’s happy they are married now. From a name change, tossing around the words “ my husband” and shinny new hardware, marrying your best friend isn’t so bad after all ;)

They had a quiet engagement; the couple didn’t want to make a big fuss about it. Chris and Nicole had been together about 10 years and wanted to plan a wedding they wanted, when they felt the time and date were right. Nicole IS the most organized and sweet person I know. Not only did I work with/for her during my university days at a coffee shop, but we’ve remained friends and a source of support and strength for each other. She’s always putting others first and finally on her wedding day; it was all about her and Chris. They wanted a small intimate wedding, with a focus on friends and family. They had exactly that!

Nicole’s got a big heart and Chris has a genuine caring attitude! A perfect match!! Chris is a happy go lucky guy; he can make anyone crack a smile. In his vows he promises to make fun of her everyday! I love that!  The two met in the 12th Grade, I believe it was about the last day of school. You never know where young love will go… and here we are in 2013, they are stronger than ever, committed to each other and ready for what life has in store for them.

Chris and Nicole are individuals, through and through. They stand by their personal values and don’t let the status quo take over! From the 13 tattooed on Nicole’s shoulder, to their love of black cats, they truly don’t believe in this whole notion of bad luck. I don’t either! My parents were married on a 13th and were both born on 13’s! They’ve been together over 40 years now. See it’s not that bad guys!?!

Nicole and Chris knew they wanted to get married on a Friday the 13th. They then looked up every Friday the 13th in the calendar for the next few years. Now that’s dedication! Then the location was set,  Fish Creek Park it was! The spot were the couple had some of their earlier dates.

The invites were sent out, fitting the theme perfectly. A charming deer grazed the cover! The date was set, Friday, September 13th, 2013. Their lucky number all wrapped into one date! We were honoured when Nicole invited us to the wedding.

During the reception, we invited the guests to come say a little message on camera to the couple. Nicole and Chris’s friends and family rocked!! The most enthusiastic crowd we’d seen in a while. This upgrade has become very popular! It’s something special to look back on for years to come. Sometimes I have to go into the crowds and invite guests by guest to come over to our booth! These guys were great and weren’t too camera shy!

Now back to the wedding details! You guys already know how awesome these two are. Now let's meet them!  Here’s a run down of the day:

Friday September 13th, 2013

Location: Fish Creek Park

Ceremony Song: Everlong (acoustic) by The Foo Fighters

Photographer: Cheryl Sawin

Officiante: Jacqueline Hoare 

Colours: Purple and Rainbow Themed

Décor Features: Decorative rainbow arch at the entrance to the ceremony space.

Bubbles! Lots of bubbles! With charming black cat tags!

Custom Jones Soda’s in grape and cream soda.

Guest actives: Hula hoops, Well Wishes Booth and bubbles wands!

Best Dish: Vegan Lasagna and Cookie Mama's gluten free cupcakes! This bakery is located in Inglewood!

Best Behind The Scenes Moment: The couple’s Well Wishes segment. They are out standing! Their friends and family were enthusiastic and full of love for the couple! We can’t wait for the couple to receive their wedding film package!!

Most Unexpected Moment: The police being at the site of the wedding, an hour before the ceremony was scheduled to start! I kid you not; the medical examiners were there! Pretty scary stuff! They cleared the scene and we were good to set up and continue on. Nicole was thrilled to have a few photos in front of the cop car! That’s pretty bad ass!

We will let the video tell you the story of their day. Enjoy the show!! Congrat’s guys! Special thanks to Cheryl Sawin for supplying the photos for their Blu ray's! 




Videography & Editing: Parfait Productions 

Music By The Music Bed