Our Team

We love getting to know our couples. Now here's a little more about us! 

Things Justin likes:




Star gazing

His Granny

Using shampoo & conditioner 


Alberta skies


Shooting Weddings with Ixxy! 


Justin’s goals:

Visit Italy

Enter a wedding video contest

Grow a mustache for a good cause he cares about

Go to TV School

Build a sweet dinning room table

Learn to surf

Go Heli Boarding

Travel to Vegas for a weekend

Live next to a CPU

Propose to the girl he loves


Things Ix likes:

Cooking on a gas range


Ice Chai’s

Frida Khalo

Visiting her Best Friend

Traveling with a Dutch Passport

Hello Kitty

Green smoothies

Films by Almodovar

Shooting Weddings with Justin

Big comfy blankets! 

Ix’s goals:

Learn Italian

Shoot a Wedding Film in Hawaii

Sing along at a John Mayer concert 

Backpack in Mexico

 Shoot a wedding for a friend 

Chop her hair off

Cook like Justin’s Granny

Spend New Year’s in NYC

Go to Bora Bora on vacation

Honeymoon in Europe




Thank you!