Parfait Productions: The Wedding Planning Questionnaire

[ Elopement/Intimate wedding Edition ]

Congratulation’s, let the planning begin!

We are pleased you have invited Parfait Productions to your elopement. We can’t wait to join you! To ensure a smooth elopement day, we highly recommend a detailed and well planned out schedule. We will go over what to include on a schedule on the Scheduling 101 page here. This will help our team achieve the best footage for your film. The information we gather from this questionnaire from the two forms below and the details you include on your schedule,  will be the first step to a well organized wedding day! We promise you will feel more relaxed knowing everyone knows the game plan for the day! A copy of the final draft schedule must be sent to Parfait Productions 2 weeks before the wedding, for further review and to ensure all video details are accurate. Once revised, then we suggest it be sent to all other vendors. Please reply to all the questions in the Vendor Form and General Form that apply to your elopement, as soon as you have the answers. If you have any questions or need help, our team is standing by and we are always happy to help you, you may contact us via email at

We suggest you give a copy of the final schedule to your, photographer and any friends or family who may be part of your elopement.

Thank you!

Vendor Information

General Wedding Information

Achieving The Best Wedding Film:

- Write your own vows! They don't need to be long! This is a free way to personalize your wedding day.

-Plan an activity for the day of your elopement. Maybe a first dance? Canoe ride or hike?

-If you wrote vows, have your vows written out in a card, on card stock or on cue cards. Anything but regular paper! You might get a little nervous and start crinkling the paper...then the mic's will pick up the crinkles! ( We don't want that, and neither do you!)

-Allow ample time for everything the day of your elopement! You'll feel more relaxed, we promise!

- Please eat and drink water the morning of your wedding! 

- During the photo session, bring snacks and water! Its tough being the centre of attention!

- Please get your make up done in a room with natural light, near a window if possible. For us to capture you in your true beauty and looking your best, natural light is best.

-Please allow our team 30 minutes to set up for your ceremony.

- Remember to have fun & do what makes you happy the day of!