Tegan - Dave

The Highlight Reel

Love Birds: Tegan & Dave

Location: Calgary

Wedding Song: “I’ll be” by Edwin McCain cover performed by Blaine Long

Ceremony Location: Bonavista Baptist Church

First Look: Hotel Arts

Reception: Sundance Lodge

Tegan & Dave, first we wanted to thank you for choosing Parfait Productions, you guys are an inspirational couple! We hope you enjoy your film, as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

The Wedding Day

This couple’s love for each other is like one from a romance novel. They are so deeply in love and committed to each other. You can’t help but smile when you’re around them.

It was a pleasure to have met Tegan & Dave. They contacted us within a week of the wedding!! We met them on a Wednesday and got started right away, from hearing how they met and what crazy travel adventures they had already been on, we were over the moon about their day. The video preparation all happened within days. We couldn’t have pulled this all off without the incredible help and precise scheduling from Julianne Young Weddings, Julianne and her assistant Emmylou were a blessing to work with.

The day was beyond word. From the first look, to hand written vows, love letters and surprise moments, it was like being on a cloud.  Did we forget to mention Tegan wrote a song for Dave? The tune was entitled Strawberry Whip Cream Kiss and was performed by Blaine Long during the slide show. The reception was filled with loving speeches, hand made center pieces, vintage family photos, favorite quotes, a family head table, soulful live music and lots of dancing. We never wanted to leave, the undying support and love everyone had for the couple was radiating in the room. I won’t hold you up any longer. We will let the video speak for itself. Parfait Productions is pleased to present to you the highlight reel from Tegan & Dave’s wedding. Enjoy!


Music credits: Sunshine by James Peel, Shine by Blaine Long, Strawberry Whip Cream Kiss, written by Tegan Dow, performed by Blaine Long.

 Wedding Videography & Editing: Parfait Productions

Justin Aradi

Ixchel Fernandez 

 Big thank you to the following hard working teams:

Wedding Planning: Julianne Young Weddings 

Photography: Kelsy Nielson Photography 

Flowers: Amborella 

Hair & Make up: PureForm 

Live Music: Blaine Long 

Catering: Alpine Catering 

Dj Service: Quests End  



The Premiere

We just got home from the private premiere of the highlight real with Tegan & Dave! What a pleasure it was! I contacted them early last week and told them we would love to meet for coffee at Higher Ground. This is the exact spot we had had our first meeting. They just thought we would all hang out, catch up and watch the video on our Ipad. Hanging out with our couple's by no means feels like work. Little did the couple know, we had a big surprise in store.

Tegan & Dave 2013 was posted on the Plaza Theatre’s marquee this evening. This was all part of our plan, surprise the couple with a viewing! The Plaza being the heart of Kensington was the perfect fit for the couple. It was time to meet them! They arrived across the way at Higher Ground, just as planned. I quickly explained that an Ipad viewing would not suffice for such an amazing couple and stunning wedding.

We all walked over to the Plaza. As soon as we walked around the corner, the marquee was in sight, they both gasped with excitement! I’m confident they said “ is this for us?”. I then handed them a bag of candy and a retro looking box full of pink popcorn. “Enjoy the show!” I said, as I held the main theatre doors open.

Tegan & Dave walked in, grabbed the best seats in the house, then it was time to roll the highlight reel! Our hearts were beating with excitement. The day had finally come. Fingers crossed that they love it as much as we do! We've got a few photos of the night below!